Why Use Graciano?

Graciano has earned the highest reputation in its field because we offer:

Competitive pricing

Our computerized system determines pricing based on a compilation of time & labor studies of more than a thousand previously completed jobs, so you are assured of a fair price.

Unsurpassed expertise

We are acknowledged to be the finest restoration force in the industry. For four generations, our family-owned business has taken pride in our craftsmanship and technical expertise. We have experience in restoring in every type of building or structure. We employ only trained, experienced and highly skilled journeymen (some third generation) who take great pride in their work.


Graciano has earned the confidence of architectural and construction firms nationwide because our projects are completed on time and within budget. You are assured of a well-planned, smooth project implementation with no delays. We follow specifications exactly and work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. Any call-back work is performed quickly and efficiently.

Project problem solving

Our in-house engineering and architectural services provide in-depth project analysis at no cost, including suggested restoration or repair specifications.

Management responsiveness

On-site management offices, as well as corporate offices in Pennsylvania and New York enable us to respond immediately to any concerns.

No project delays

We maintain union affiliations on a nationwide basis to avert potential union shutdowns. We are fully bonded and insured in all states. We use our own equipment. And we have computer software that budgets, prices and schedules, so that all goes smoothly.

Beautiful results

Our multi-award-winning experts know how to best approach each job with care. We take the time to restore the beauty of old buildings – without causing any damage to existing building surfaces, and follow Secretary of Interior Standards for historic preservation.

Project documentation

We can provide full documentation of your project, including such items as time/labor studies, “as built” or “as restored” drawings, final completion schedule, materials data and extended warranties.

Featured Projects

Mt. Sinai Hospital Parking Garage

After twenty-five years of exposure to road salt, water and changing temperatures, the six-level parking garage at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City required extensive restoration. Graciano Corporation was selected to restore the 150,000 sq. ft. facility and to repair damage caused by water and salt penetration. (view project)

Graciano Corporate Headquarters

In 1997, Graciano’s New Construction Division undertook its first project by building the new headquarters building for Graciano Corporation. Situated on a steeply sloped site that provides stunning views of the rolling hills that surround suburban Pittsburgh, the building is designed in a freeform shape that accommodates the terrain and provides maximum floor space. The structure features column and beam construction coupled with poured concrete sub floors. The exterior of the building is skinned in brick and accented with ribbon window treatments outfitted with tinted glass and brushed aluminum trim. (view project)

Graciano Intern Program

Graciano Corporation is helping to acquaint engineering and architectural students with the challenges of the real world through innovative internship programs.

Participating students — drawn from many of the country’s leading colleges and universities — collect company and field data, work directly with management and teams, and conduct extensive research. Interns then develop and present to Graciano’s management recommendations for ongoing program enhancements. Interns work on flexible schedules and partner with Graciano employees who help the students develop and refine their skills.

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