Job Opportunities — Assistant Project Manager

March 17, 2022

Review preliminary engineering drawings including topography and structural specifications. Review RFPs, Specifications, Basis of Design and visit the proposed project site to gather information, determine scope, identify risks and opportunities and prepare project estimates; Prepare job budget and project schedules, list of required materials and equipment and manpower to complete the project within schedule and within budget; Select, monitor, supervise subcontractors and oversee daily construction, technical coordinating & checking engineering deliverables as well as continually updating as-built drawings on AutoCAD; Analyze the construction reports and make necessary changes to complete the project within schedule and budget and meet all the structural design codes, and safety requirements; Review the development of architectural/engineering construction drawing, enforce the contractual requirement for design and construction; Monitor the safety, quality, and the project development, reporting any project delays or problems to higher authorities and getting them resolved in the best interest of the project. Must have knowledge of Construction Management, Construction Finance, Construction Sustainability, Construction Technology, Surveying Practice.

Featured Projects

Lanphor Reservoir

Originally constructed in the early 1900s, the Lanphor Reservoir holds nearly 130 million gallons of water. The reservoir basin was built at a challenging 30-degree pitch and required repair of surface cracks and spalls using shotcrete. (view project)

Mt. Sinai Hospital Parking Garage

After twenty-five years of exposure to road salt, water and changing temperatures, the six-level parking garage at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City required extensive restoration. Graciano Corporation was selected to restore the 150,000 sq. ft. facility and to repair damage caused by water and salt penetration. (view project)

Graciano Intern Program

Graciano Corporation is helping to acquaint engineering and architectural students with the challenges of the real world through innovative internship programs.

Participating students — drawn from many of the country’s leading colleges and universities — collect company and field data, work directly with management and teams, and conduct extensive research. Interns then develop and present to Graciano’s management recommendations for ongoing program enhancements. Interns work on flexible schedules and partner with Graciano employees who help the students develop and refine their skills.

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