Internship Program Introduces Students To The Realities Of Quality Assurance And Safety


Internship Program Introduces Students To The Realities Of Quality Assurance And Safety On many college campuses across the country, quality assurance and safety are central components of engineering and architectural curriculums. Numerous books and countless studies have been generated on both topics, and many students are well versed in the concepts and terminology associated with each subject. Few of those students, however, are familiar with how to translate and apply this knowledge into real-world programs – particularly when faced with the demands of day-to-day business.

Graciano Corporation is helping to change that through two innovative internship programs. For the past year, the company has had interns working on enhancements to the company’s comprehensive Quality Assurance and Safety programs.

Students participating in the programs are drawn from many of the country’s leading colleges and universities. Once chosen for a particular internship, they collect necessary company and field data, review all of Graciano’s existing quality assurance and safety materials, and conduct web-based research. Then, they develop and present recommendations for ongoing program enhancements. Students work on flexible schedules that accommodate their academic responsibilities, and partner with company employees to develop and refine their skills.

“This program serves our company and the students equally well,” remarked Glenn Foglio, President of Graciano Corporation. “The students can apply their research, conceptual and presentation skills to a real-world assignment, and benefit from coaching provided by our staff members. Our company comes away with updated quality assurance and safety programs that are supported by fresh research and are focused on our current needs. The program is a “win-win” for everyone, and it helps polish the professional and interpersonal skills that will be useful when the students start their careers.”

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