Golf Digest Magazine — Graciano Owner Beats Golf Record

6/01/2000, Pittsburgh

Dave Graciano has had holes in one before, six to be exact. And he’s had double eagles, three of them. But on April 25, he added to both of those totals on the same day, in the same round at the Churchill Country Club, where he is a member. Playing in a foursome that included professional Al Jackson, Jerry Tigano and Ed DiPasquale, Graciano was no less amazed than the others at the feat.

Using a 9-iron on the 156-yard, par-3 third hole, Graciano hit a hole in one and rushed to phone his wife. At the ninth hole, he had 210 yards left on the 500-yard par-5, but faced a bit of a downhill lie. Jackson mentioned that most players don’t aim far enough left on that shot. But Graciano did. When the foursome went down to the green, which sits behind a ridge, there was Graciano’s ball in the cup. He finished with a 4-under 68 that day, which included a couple of 3-putts on the back nine.

The 51-year-old Graciano is a 3-handicapper at Churchill Valley, where he has won the club championship twice. Dave Graciano is owner of Graciano Corporation, one of the oldest masonry restoration companies in the country, with offices in New York, Pittsburgh, and Ohio. The company is known nationwide for its expertise in historic preservation, and some of the its New York projects have included the Queensboro Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Shea Stadium, and the MetLife Building.

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