Merit Award, U.S. Department of Transportation — Georgian Court Bridge


This beautiful bridge was constructed in 1899 to carry travelers over a man-made lagoon. Part of a large estate owned by railroad tycoon, George Jay Gould, the lagoon connected the estate to Lake Carnasaijo, allowing Gould’s guests to access the lake by boat. Bruce Price, a noted architect of the time, designed the bridge in the Georgian style of the estate. This historic landmark has been used over the years as a backdrop for weddings and graduations and is still used today by numerous local residents. A thorough research and investigation of the bridge revealed some loose pillars, tilted pillars, spalled, missing and loose brick, damaged and missing terra cotta, deteriorated ortar and seepage through the structure; vegetation and bug infestation, dislodged marble, graffiti, paint and dirt.

The project included:

  • Removal of roadway surface
  • Complete mortar joint replacement
  • Brick facade replacement
  • Brick stabilization
  • Rebuilding of brick retaining walls
  • Cleaning of brick structure
  • Resurfacing of roadway
  • Marble and terra-cotta restoration and replacement.

All work was performed according to the standards of the New Jersey Historical Trust as well as those of the Secretary of Interior.