Graciano rebuilding and restoring New York City Center parapets


The New York City Center was built in 1923 as a meeting hall for the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Years later, the building came under the ownership of the City of New York and was converted into the first performing arts center in Manhattan. The building, which maintains landmark status, features a 13-story Moorish fašade and houses a 2,750-theater.

Graciano has been tasked with rebuilding and repairing the building’s parapets, and evaluating the condition of the structure’s terra cotta cornices. The parapet work, which ensures compliance with local Law 11, began in August of 2010, and is scheduled for completion in August of 2011. When complete, 90% of the buildings parapets will have been rebuilt.

Related Project Details

  • New York City Center
  • Anticipated Completion: Fall 2011, Owner: City of New York