Georgian Court Bridge

This beautiful bridge was constructed in 1899 to carry travelers over a man-made lagoon. Part of a large estate owned by railroad tycoon, George Jay Gould, the lagoon connected the estate to Lake Carnasaijo, allowing Gould’s guests to access the lake by boat. Bruce Price, a noted architect of the time, designed the bridge in the Georgian style of the estate. This historic landmark has been used over the years as a backdrop for weddings and graduations and is still used today by numerous local residents. A thorough research and investigation of the bridge revealed some loose pillars, tilted pillars, spalled, missing and loose brick, damaged and missing terra-cotta, deteriorated mortar and seepage through the structure; vegetation and bug infestation, dislodged marble, graffiti, paint and dirt.

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The project included:

  • Removal of roadway surface
  • Complete mortar joint replacement
  • Brick façade replacement
  • Brick stabilization
  • Rebuilding of brick retaining walls
  • Cleaning of brick structure
  • Resurfacing of roadway
  • Marble and terra-cotta restoration and replacement
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All work was performed according to the standards of the New Jersey Historical Trust as well as those of the Secretary of Interior.

Project Portfolio Images

Georgian Court Bridge
Georgian Court Bridge
Georgian Court Bridge
Georgian Court Bridge
Georgian Court Bridge
Georgian Court Bridge

Project Details

  • Completion Date: 8/1/1999
  • Owner: The Freeholders of Ocean County
  • General Contractor: Graciano Corporation
  • Engineer: Jenny Engineering Corporation

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