Alstom Power FGD Building

Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) is a method commonly used to remove sulfur compounds, such as sulfur dioxide, from exhaust gas. Graciano’s Brick Division constructed a new FGD facility at Alstom Power’s Homer City plant. This plant employs an FGD method called limestone scrubbing, in which powdered limestone (calcium carbonate) is injected into the exhaust gas and sulfur dioxide is absorbed and neutralized. This process takes place in a large chamber within the new FGD building, which also houses pipes, pumping equipment and so on.

The project posed some difficulty due to the fact that the work area was entirely enclosed within the framework of the FGD building, and Graciano tradespeople had to work around and beside hundreds of others working at the same time. Project Coordinator, John Barron, of Alstom Power, noted that Graciano performed impressive masonry work on the project.

Cassel noted, “Graciano is a great company to work with. I had an ongoing face-to-face relationship with the site foreman. They do quality work, are customer oriented, and live up to their word.”

Project Details

  • Completion Date: 9/1/2001
  • Owner: Alstom Power
  • General Contractor: Alstom Power

Glossary Items