Charles Street Garage

In Baltimore, Maryland, downtown parking is always at a premium – particularly in the areas where large office buildings are located. One of the better-known garages – the Charles Street Garage – is adjacent to the landmark Fidelity Building, and typically filled to capacity.

Unfortunately, after decades of exposure to chlorides and other contaminants that compromise the integrity of concrete, the cast-in-place underground parking structure was in need of significant restoration and reconstruction.

While the structure had undergone periodic concrete maintenance throughout the decades it was been in service, spot repairs had become ineffective, as the concrete on the driving surfaces had reached the end of its lifespan. Entire floor surfaces required replacement.

The project involved:

  • Working on half a level at a time to allow the garage to remain in operation
  • Removal of concrete decking
  • Bracing of inside walls to support the structure when deck surfaces were removed
  • Cleaning, repair or replacement of steel reinforcements
  • Installation of forms
  • Installation of new concrete floor surfaces
  • Installation of new guardrails throughout the garage

Project Details

  • Completion Date: 2008
  • Owner: 222 Holding, LLC
  • General Contractor: Graciano Corporation
  • Engineer: Morabito Consultants, Inc., Structural Engineers; SK&A Smislova, Kehnemui and Associates, Consulting Structural Engineers

Glossary Items