Concrete Restoration

Quality is the cornerstone of Graciano’s concrete restoration services. We offer an extensive range of concrete restoration capabilities. Our experts understand concrete from the inside out, and are experienced in employing it to your best advantage.

Graciano’s Concrete Restoration Division uses the most advanced leak-sealing grouts, additives, bonding agents and injection materials in our concrete restoration activities. This approach provides provide permanent protection against cracking, spalling and erosion in concrete structures. Projects include the Lanphor Reservoir and the Mt. Sinai Parking Garage.

Concrete RestorationConcrete RestorationConcrete RestorationConcrete RestorationConcrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration Service Offerings

Concrete restoration can significantly enhance the lifespan, structural integrity and safety of concrete structures. Graciano Corporation has successfully worked on a wide array of bridges, dams, reservoirs, sewers and waterways. The firm has also performed numerous garage and stadium deck repairs.

Our range of Concrete Restoration services includes:
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  • Wet and Dry Shotcrete show/hide definition toggle
  • Demolition show/hide definition toggle
  • Polymer-Modified Mortar Repairs show/hide definition toggle
  • Parking Deck Repair show/hide definition toggle
  • Structural Repairs show/hide definition toggle
  • Balcony Repairs show/hide definition toggle
  • Façade Repairs show/hide definition toggle
  • Traffic Coatings show/hide definition toggle
  • Cementitious Coatings show/hide definition toggle
Concrete RestorationConcrete Restoration
Understanding Concrete From The Inside Out

After nearly 90 years in the masonry and concrete restoration business, Graciano has become exceptionally skilled in concrete formulation and application. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, our concrete restoration specialists regularly design concrete blends with:

  • Air entrainment, for added freeze-thaw resistance
  • Micro silica that increases compression strength and offers resistance to acidic conditions
  • Accelerators, for rapid repairs in tidal situations
  • Steel and poly fibers to increase abrasion and erosion resistance, and to decrease shrinkage and reflective cracking

Featured Concrete Restoration Project

Mt. Sinai Hospital Parking Garage

After twenty-five years of exposure to road salt, water and changing temperatures, the six-level parking garage at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City required extensive restoration. Graciano Corporation was selected to restore the 150,000 sq. ft. facility and to repair damage caused by water and salt penetration. (view project)

Awards for Concrete Restoration Projects

Complete Concrete Restoration Project List