Historic Masonry

Graciano is one of the country’s best-known historic restoration firms. We have extended the lifespan of hundreds of historic structures, allowing numerous organizations to continue using their architecturally significant buildings.

Graciano Corporation is experienced in all facets of historic restoration – from structural stabilization to aesthetic rehabilitation – and maintains one of the largest and most skilled historic restoration workforces in the industry. We are frequently recognized by building owners and preservation organizations for the excellence of our craftsmanship and our adherence to the strict Historic Landmark guidelines that govern historic restoration projects.

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Historic Masonry Service Offerings

Over time, moisture, pollution and exposure to the elements can compromise the structural integrity and appearance of a building. In addition, as some building materials age, they tend to become brittle, susceptible to cracking, spalling or oxidation, or prone to disintegration. Alone or in combination, these factors may ultimately threaten the structural stability and usefulness of the building. Graciano offers a complete range of historic restoration services that renew the appearance of buildings and protect them from further deterioration.

Our range of Historic Masonry services includes:
  • Masonry Cleaning show/hide definition toggle
  • Abrasive Cleaning show/hide definition toggle
  • Stone and Brick Restoration show/hide definition toggle
  • Terra Cotta Replacement and Repair show/hide definition toggle
  • Tuck Pointing show/hide definition toggle
  • Waterproofing show/hide definition toggle
  • Caulking show/hide definition toggle
  • Urethane Foam or Epoxy Injection show/hide definition toggle
Historic Masonry inset photoHistoric Masonry inset photoHistoric Masonry inset photo

Featured Historic Masonry Project

Rockefeller Center (Phase I)

Built in 1929 during The Great Depression, Rockefeller Center is a complex of a dozen buildings, including the 60-story General Electric Building and Radio City Music Hall. An example of Art Deco architecture, the complex was constructed with Indiana limestone, an elegant and beautiful building material noted for its durability and fire resistance. The project included cleaning and restoration of over 2,500,000 square feet of building façade, use of a filtered water saturation cleaning method, approved by the New York City Landmarks Commission, removal of old mortar, repointing, recaulking, and repair or replacement of damaged stones, using state-of-the-art restoration techniques. (view project)

Awards for Historic Masonry Projects