New Masonry

Graciano’s New Masonry Division was established in 1997 to address new construction needs, including new masonry services on masonry restoration and historic restoration projects, in addition to new construction assignments.

The New Masonry Division’s first assignment was building Graciano’s new corporate headquarters. Since that time, the division has gone on to carry out many new masonry projects, including schools, retail stores, commercial offices and industrial buildings. The division’s specialists also work hand-in-hand with Graciano’s restoration teams whenever a job calls for both restoration and new construction. Recently, the division completed work on several projects, including construction of new structures at New York City’s Bowery Bay Wards Island water treatment Facility.

New MasonryNew MasonryNew Masonry

New Masonry Service Offerings

Graciano offers an extensive array of new masonry services to accommodate numerous new construction needs. We are skilled at site preparation and foundation work, new construction, brick, block and stone installation, and mortar-set and dry stacked new masonry assignments. In addition, we also install rebar, imbeds and lintels, as well as expansion joints, and precast architectural elements.

Featured New Masonry Project

Graciano Corporate Headquarters

In 1997, Graciano’s New Construction Division undertook its first project by building the new headquarters building for Graciano Corporation. Situated on a steeply sloped site that provides stunning views of the rolling hills that surround suburban Pittsburgh, the building is designed in a freeform shape that accommodates the terrain and provides maximum floor space. The structure features column and beam construction coupled with poured concrete sub floors. The exterior of the building is skinned in brick and accented with ribbon window treatments outfitted with tinted glass and brushed aluminum trim. (view project)

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